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M-133, reels D30-48; M-91

Park, Maud Wood, 1871-1955. Papers of Maud Wood Park in the Woman's Rights Collection, 1870-1960: A Finding Aid

Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America


Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University
Cambridge, Mass.
December 2005

© 2005 President and Fellows of Harvard College

Descriptive Summary

Call No.: M-133, reels D30-48; M-91
Repository: Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute
Creator: Maud Wood Park, 1871-1955
Title: Papers of Maud Wood Park in the Woman's Rights Collection, 1870-1960
Quantity: 8.71 linear feet (5 cartons, 2 file boxes, 3 folio boxes) plus 3 folio folders, 5 folio+ folders
Location: Collection stored off site: researchers must request access 36 hours before use.
Language of materials: Materials in English.
Abstract: Journal, photographs, scrapbooks, writings, etc., of Maud Wood Park, suffragist, civic reformer, and writer. These papers are part of the Woman's Rights Collection.

Acquisition Information:

These papers of Maud Wood Park fill 257 folders of the Woman's Rights Collection, which was given to Radcliffe College by Maud Wood Park and others in August 1943 and formed the nucleus of the Women's Archives, later the Schlesinger Library. The material in this series was prepared for microfilming in December 1990 by Bert Hartry. It was microfilmed as part of a Schlesinger Library/University Publications of America project.

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Copyright. Copyright in the papers created by Maud Wood Park as well as copyright in other papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns.
Copying. Papers may be copied in accordance with the library's usual procedures.

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Maud Wood Park Papers in the Woman's Rights Collection, 1870-1960; item description, dates. WRC, folder Pa-#. Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.


Maud Wood Park, suffragist, civic reformer, first president of the National League of Women Voters (League of Women Voters), and writer, was born on January 25, 1871, in Boston, Massachusetts, the daughter of Mary Russell (Collins) and James Rodney Wood. Little is known about her childhood and early adolescence. Her adult life is summarized in the following chronology.


More biographical information is available in this series. See also the article in Notable American Women, The Modern Period (Cambridge, Mass., 1980), which includes a list of additional sources. The official repository for the records of League of Women Voters is the Library of Congress, which also has additional Maud Wood Park papers.


This series has been sub-divided into four sub-series: Personal and biographical, Writings and speeches, Suffrage and women's rights, and Other organizations and issues.
The papers provide information about Maud Wood Park's college education and her early attempts at writing, her involvement in Massachusetts and national woman suffrage campaigns, her activities after the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, the organizations with which she was affiliated, some of the people with whom she worked, her trip around the world, and her speeches and writings. There is almost no information about her family and personal life (childhood, adolescence, marriages).
In reprocessing this series, the processor assumed that the existing filing system was Park's and/or Edna Stantial's and rearranged the papers as little as possible. Although a part of WRC, this series is numbered separately; each file unit is preceded by the letters Pa (for Park).
Many items, such as plays and the "Around the World" reports, were in binders and in the previous inventory were listed as volumes. To facilitate microfilming and for preservation purposes they were removed from their binders and placed in folders. Dates given in this revised inventory and not found on the items themselves are derived from the previous inventory. Some items retain indelible former volume and folder numbers; these should be disregarded.
"Introductory Notes" and "Supplementary Notes" by Park occur throughout the series. Many of these organizational and legislative histories were written in 1943, while some are undated; they have been placed first in their respective folders. There are dated and undated notes (on separate sheets and directly on items) by Edna Stantial and person/s unknown; some contain misleading information. There are also numbers or combinations of numbers and letters on many items, particularly in the League of Women Voters section of sub-Series C. All information added by the processor is in square brackets.
Subseries A, Personal and biographical (#Pa 1-17, vol. 63o-vol. 66o), contains a journal, photographs, scrapbooks, reminiscences, interviews with Park, press releases, clippings, obituaries, and tributes. Four of the five scrapbooks, containing mostly clippings re: Park, were previously microfilmed and discarded. Their old volume numbers have been retained in this revised inventory so as to match the numbers on the film, which has been spliced in at the appropriate place.
Subseries B, Writings and speeches (#Pa 18-93f), is arranged alphabetically and contains articles, books, essays, plays, poems, short stories, and speeches by Park. The material in most categories is arranged chronologically, with correspondence and miscellaneous notes and pages, etc., at the end; the exception is the plays, which are arranged alphabetically by title.
Subseries C, Suffrage and women's rights (#Pa 94-242), is divided into two sections. The suffrage section contains Park's organizational histories, and documents (constitutions, minutes, reports, etc.), correspondence, photographs, fliers, brochures, and other printed material of Massachusetts and national suffrage organizations. Organizations appear in the following order: Boston Equal Suffrage Association for Good Government (including reports from Park's "Around the World" trip, which was financed by Pauline Agassiz Shaw, president of Boston Equal Suffrage Association for Good Government); Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association; other Massachusetts organizations, arranged alphabetically; national organizations, arranged alphabetically; and anti-suffrage pamphlets, clippings, etc.
The second section, women's rights, contains Park's organizational and legislative histories, and reports, publications, correspondence, photographs, Park speeches, clippings, etc., of or about the national and Massachusetts League of Women Voters, with one folder from the World Woman's Party for Equal Rights. Much of the League of Women Voters material was numbered and arranged, apparently by Park and/or Edna Stantial, perhaps for an article. This arrangement is partly chronological, partly by subject; some interspersed items are unnumbered, some numbered differently, some dated, others undated. The processor has left this "system" in place and rearranged as little as possible.
Subseries D, Other organizations and issues (#Pa 243-256), contains documentation about children's issues, including the Children's Bureau of the United States Department of Labor, Social Security legislation, and conferences; and about race relations and the poll tax. There is also material from or about the Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Constitution, and the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies.
The last folder (#257) in the series contains photographs moved from their original locations; they were filmed with their respective folders.
The printed guide includes a name and subject index compiled by UPA.


Dates and/or other information have been written on some items by a number of people. In organizing the material, the processor accepted dates added by others and left undated material that was grouped with dated items where it was. All dates and other information added by the processor are in square brackets.
The pages of some items were numbered to aid the microfilmer, the proofreaders, and researchers. These numbers are in square brackets.
The film was proofread by University Publications of America.
Some of the material in the collection was difficult to film due to such problems as flimsy paper with text showing through, faded or smudged writing, faint pencil notations, creased and brittle paper and newsprint, or faded or blurred carbon copies on flimsy paper. The film was carefully produced to insure that these items are as legible as possible.
Letters of one or more pages with either the salutation or the signature missing, as well as portions of letters, have been marked as fragments.
All photographs were microfilmed with the collection. They are also available on the microfilm of the Schlesinger Library photograph collection (M-54).
In many cases, the enclosures referred to in letters are missing.
The reverse sides of outdated letterhead and form letters were sometimes used for carbon copies, drafts, or notes; print may show through.
In #Pa 22-27, Front Door Lobby, Maud Wood Park used pins to attach corrections, additions, and insertions. The processor substituted plastic clips, which, in some cases, were left in place during filming.


Additional catalog entries

The following catalog entries represent persons, organizations, and topics documented in this collection. An entry for each appears in the Harvard On Line Library Information System (HOLLIS) and other automated bibliographic databases. THIS IS NOT AN INDEX.
African Americans--Civil rights
Ames, Oakes, 1874-1950
Adams, Abigail, 1744-1818--Drama
Addams, Jane, 1860-1935
Allen, Florence Ellinwood, 1884-1966
Ames, Blanche
Anderson, Mary, 1872-1964
Anthony, Lucy Elmina
Anthony, Susan B. (Susan Brownell), 1820-1906
Avery, Rachel Foster, 1858-1919
Babcock, Caroline L. (Caroline Lexow), 1882-1980
Barron, Jennie L. (Jennie Loitman), 1891-1969
Bird, Anna Child, 1856-1942
Birtwell, Frances M.
Blackwell, Alice Stone, 1857-1950
Blackwell, Henry Browne, 1825-1909
Boston Equal Suffrage Association for Good Government
Breckinridge, Sophinisba Preston, 1866-1948
Brown, Olympia, 1835-1926
Catt, Carrie Chapman, 1859-1947
Children's rights--United States
Churchill, Mabel Hall
Coe, Evelyn Peverly, 1881-1966
College Equal Suffrage League
Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies
Crowley, Teresa A., 1874-1930
Cunningham, Minnie Fisher, 1882-1964
Dennett, Mary Ware, 1872-1947
Dewson, Molly, 1874-1962
Elder, Frances A.
Equal rights amendments--United States
Filene, E. A. (Edward Albert), 1860-1937
Gardener, Helen H. (Helen Hamilton), 1853-1925
Gillmore, Inez Haynes, 1873-1970
Gilson, Sara S.
Gordon, Kate M., 1861-1932
Green, Emma Edwards
Harper, Ida Husted, 1851-1931
Hay, Mary Garrett, 1857-1928
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964
Howes, Ethel Puffer, 1872-1950
Hutchins, Emma J.
Hutchinson, Anne Marbury, 1591-1643
Johnson, Ethel McLean, 1882-1978
Johnson, Grace A., 1871-1952
Jordan, W. K. (Wilbur Kitchener), 1902-1980
Keating, Edward, 1875-1965
Keating, Margaret Sloan Medill, 1875-1939
League of Women Voters (U.S.)
League of Women Voters of Massachusetts
Lee, Percy Maxim, 1906-2002
Lobbying--United States
Luscomb, Florence, 1887-1985
Married women--United States--Nationality
Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association
Maternal and infant welfare--United States
McCormick, Katharine Dexter, 1875-1967
Muslim women
National American Woman Suffrage Association
National Woman's Party
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Page, Mary H. (Mary Hutcheson), 1860-1940
Paul, Alice, 1885-1977
Pinkham, Wenona Osborne, 1882-1930
Pitman, Mira H.
Quimby, George H.
Radcliffe College--Alumni and alumnae
Sex discrimination against women--Law and legislation--United States
Shaw, Anna Howard, 1847-1919
Shaw, Pauline A. (Pauline Agassiz), 1841-1917
Sherwin, Belle, 1868-1955
Sleeper, Mary P.
Smith, Ethel M.
Stantial, Edna Lamprey
Stewart, Ella Jane Seass, 1871-
Stone, Lucy, 1818-1893--Drama
Thomas, M. Carey (Martha Carey), 1857-1935
Upton, Harriet Taylor
Voyages and travels
Willard, Mabel Caldwell
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924
Women--Australia--Social conditions
Women--Burma--Social conditions
Women--China--Social conditions.
Women--Finland--Social conditions
Women--India--Social conditions
Women--Japan--Social conditions
Women--Korea--Social conditions
Women--Legal status, laws, etc.
Women--New Zealand--Social conditions
Women--Norway--Social conditions
Women--Philippines--Social conditions
Women--Singapore--Social conditions
Women--Societies and clubs
Women--Suffrage--Middle West
Women--Suffrage--Songs and music
Women--Suffrage--West (U.S.)
Women--Thailand--Social conditions
Women--Turkey--Social conditions
Women's Joint Congressional Committee
World Woman's Party for Equal Rights

Index to Maud Wood Park scrapbook, November 1897 to November 1919 (Vol. 63o)

With few exceptions the items indexed prior to and following Maud Wood Park report the suffrage activity and public work of Maud Wood Park during the period from 1897 to November 1919.
Original volume and clippings discarded after microfilming. Documents removed from volumes and retained can be found in folder #Pa-8.

Index to Maud Wood Park scrapbook, January 1920 to December 1921 (Vol. 64o)

With few exceptions the items indexed prior to and following this paragraph report the suffrage activity and public work of Maud Wood Park during the period January 1920 through December 1921.
Original volume and clippings discarded after microfilming. Documents removed from volumes and retained can be found in folder #Pa-8.

Index to Maud Wood Park scrapbook, January 1922 to December 1923 (Vol. 65o)

With few exceptions the items indexed prior to and following this paragraph report the League of Women Voters activity and public work of Maud Wood Park during the period of January 1922 through December 1923.
Original volume and clippings discarded after microfilming. Documents removed from volumes and retained can be found in folder #Pa-8.

Index to Maud Wood Park scrapbook, January 1924-1946 (Vol. 66o)

With few exceptions the items indexed prior to and following this paragraph report the activity of Maud Wood Park during the period of January 1924 and through 1946.
Original volume and clippings discarded after microfilming. Documents removed from volumes and retained can be found in folder #Pa-8.

Index to Maud Wood Park scrapbook re: her 80th birthday, 1951 (Vol. 67o)

Scrapbook dismantled. Items in scrapbook are now housed in folders #Pa-14f-Pa-16f.