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Woman's rights collection, 1853-1958: A Finding Aid

Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America


Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University
December 2005

© 2005 President and Fellows of Harvard College

Descriptive Summary

Call No.: WRC
Repository: Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute
Title: Woman's rights collection, 1853-1958
Quantity: 85 file boxes, 7 oversize volumes, 39 framed items, 1 folio+ folder, 1 folio folder, 4 reels of microfilm (M-91, M-93, M-108)
Abstract: Correspondence, journals, notebooks, speeches, etc., from the unmicrofilmed portion of the Woman's Rights Collection.

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Maud Wood Park, et al. Received 1943-1949.

Preferred citation for publication:

Woman's rights collection, 1853-1958; item description, dates. WRC, folder #. Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.


This collection consists of the correspondence, reports, speeches, books, plays, articles, clippings, biographical data, and miscellaneous materials by and re: about 100 women and 4 men who were involved in furthering the woman's rights movement from colonial times to the present. The papers record the woman's rights movement up to the 1920's, highlighting the work done in Massachusetts; the woman suffrage movement up to the adoption of the woman suffrage amendment in 1920; and the gains for women in such areas as protective legislation and employment opportunities since 1920.


Additional catalog entries

1. American Woman Suffrage Association
1a. Authors
2. Boston Equal Suffrage League
3. Boston Equal Suffrage Association for Good Government
4. Cambridge Political Equality Association
5. College Equal Suffrage League
6. Education
7. Equal Rights Amendment
8. International Labor Office
9. League of Nations
10. League of Nations Association
11. League of Nations - Societies
12. League of Women Voters of the U.S.
13. Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association
14. National American Woman Suffrage Association
15. National Woman's Party
16. Prohibition
16a. Progressive Party
17. U.S. Department of Labor
18. U.S. Department of Labor - Children's Bureau
19. Woman - employment
20. Woman - legal status, laws, etc.
21. Women - Rights of women
22. Suffrage
23. Teachers
24. Woman's Journal
25. [blank]
26. [blank]
27. [blank]
28. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
29. World Court
i. Abbott, Grace (1879-1939)
ii. Adams, Abigail (1744-1818)
iii. Addams, Jane (1860-1935)
iv. Allen, Florence E. (1884-1966)
v. Ames, Blanche Ames (1878-1969)
vi. Ames, Fanny B. (1840-1931)
vii. Ames, Oakes (1874-1950)
viii. Anderson, Mary (1872-1964)
ix. Anthony, Susan B. (1820-1906)
x. Bagley, Grace Hodges (1860-1944)
xi. Barron, Jennie Loitman (1891-1969)
xii. Barton, Clara (1821-1912)
xiii. Beatley, Clara Bancroft (1858-1923)
xiv. Bird, Anna Child (1856-1942)
xv. Blackwell, Alice Stone (1857-1950)
xvi. Blackwell, Antoinette Brown (1825-1921)
xvii. Blackwell, Elizabeth (1821-1910)
xviii. Blackwell, Henry B. (1825-1909)
xix. Blair, Emily Newell (1877-1951)
xx. Bowles, Ada C. (1836-?)
xxi. Boyer, Ida Porter (1859-?)
xxii. Bradwell, Myra (1831-1894)
xxiii. Brandeis, Elizabeth
xxiv. Breckinridge, Sophonisba (1866-1948)
xxv. Brent, Margaret (1600-1670/71)
xxvi. Brown, Dorothy Kirchwey (1888- )
xxvii. Brown, Gertrude Foster (1867- )
xxviii. Bushnell, Katherine C.
xxix. Catt, Carrie Chapman (1859-1947)
xxx. Claflin, Adelaide A. (1846-?)
xxxi. Clark, Sue Ainslee
xxxii. Clarke, James Freeman (1810-1888)
xxxiii. Coe, Evelyn Peverley
xxxiv. Coleman, Greta
xxxv. Corbin, Hannah Lee
xxxvi. Crowley, Teresa A. (1874-1930)
xxxvii. Dewson, Mary (1874-1962)
xxxviii. du Pont, Zara (1869- )
xxxix. Evans, Elizabeth Gardiner (1856-1937)
xl. Fall, Anna Christy (1855-1930)
xli. Fisher, Dorothy Canfield (1879-1959)
xlii. Fitzgerald, Susan W. (1871-1943)
xliii. Foley, Margaret
xliv. Forbes, Rose Dabney (1865-1947)
xlv. Foster, Abbey Kelley (1810-1887)
xlvi. Gardener, Helen Hamilton (1853-1925)
xlvii. Garrison, Edith S.
xlviii. Gilman, Charlotte Perkins (1860-1935)
xlix. Gordon, Kate M. (1861-1932)
l. Grimke, Sarah M. (1792-1873)
li. Hay, Mary Garrett (1857-1925)
lii. Hodder, Jessie (1870-1931)
liii. Howe, Julia Ward (1819-1910)
liv. Hutchinson, Anne (1591-1643)
lv. Irwin, Inez Haynes (1873-1970)
lvi. Jeffrey, Jennette A.S. (1872- )
lvii. Johnson, Ethel M. (18-?- )
lviii. Johnson, Grace A. (1871-1952)
lvix. Kelley, Florence (1859-1932)
lx. Lathrop, Julia (1858-1932)
lxi. Lenroot, Katherine F. (1891- )
lxii. Leonard, Gertrude Halladay (1868-19- )
lxiii. Lindsley, Virginia (1856-1941)
lxiv. Livermore, Mary A. (1820-1905)
lxv. Loines, Mary Hilliard (1844-1944)
lxvi. Luscomb, Florence H. (1887- )
lxvii. McCormick, Katherine Dexter (1875- )
lxviii. McCulloch, Catherine Waugh (1862-1945)
lxix. Mansfield, Bella (1846-1911)
lxx. Martineau, Harriet (1802-1876)
lxxi. Mead, Lucia True (Ames) (1856-1936)
lxxii. Miller, Helen Clarkson (1879- )
lxxiii. Morris, Esther (1814-1902)
lxxiv. Mott, Lucretia (1793-1880)
lxxv. Osgood, Fanny C. (18-?-1929?)
lxxvi. O'Sullivan, Mary Kenny (1864-1945)
lxxvii. Page, Mary Hutcheson (1860-1940)
lxxviii. Park, Maud Wood (1871-1955)
lxxix. Perkins, Frances (1882-1965)
lxxx. Pinkham, Wenona Osborne (1882-1930)
lxxxi. Pitman, Mira H.
lxxxii. Robins, Margaret Dreier (1868-1945)
lxxxiii. Robinson, Harriet Hanson (1825-1911)
lxxxix. Roche, Josephine (1886- )
xc. Schofield, Emma Fall (1885- )
xci. Sewall, Samuel Edmund
xcii. Shaw, Anna Howard (1847-1919)
xciii. Shaw, Isabella Pratt
xciv. Shaw, Pauline Agassiz (1841-1917)
xcv. Sherwin, Belle (1868-1955)
xcvi. Sleeper, Mary P.
xcvii. Smith, Judith Winsor
xcviii. Stanley, Louise (1883-1954)
xcix. Stantial, Edna Lamprey
c. Stanton, Elizabeth Cady (1815-1902)
ci. Stone, Lucy (1813-1893)
cii. Tilton, Elizabeth (1869-1950)
ciii. Upton, Harriet Taylor ( -1945)
civ. Van Kleeck, Mary (1883- )
cv. Wambaugh, Sarah (1882-1956)
cvi. Wells, Marguerite M. (1872-1959)
cvii. White, Martha E. Davis (1863-1944)
cviii. Willard, Emma (1787-1870)
cix. Willard, Frances E. (1839-1898)
cx. Willard, Mabel Caldwell (1862-1940)
cxi. Wilson, Woodrow (1856-1924)
cxii. Woolley, Mary Emma (1863-1947)



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