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Focus on Women Videotapes, 1983-1993: A Finding Aid

Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University


Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University

© President and Fellows of Harvard College

Descriptive Summary

Location: Collection stored off site: researchers must request access 36 hours before use.
Call No.: Vt-59
Repository: Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University
Title: Focus on Women Videotapes, 1983-1993
Date(s): 1983-1993
Quantity: 218 videotapes
Language of materials: Materials in English.
Abstract: Half-hour interviews aired on Focus on Women, a television show featuring women of achievement.

Immediate Source of Acquisition:

Accession numbers: 91-M194--94-M38, 94-M121, 95-M82, 95-M166, 96-M67, 96-M121
These videotapes were given to the Schlesinger Library between November 1991 and September 1996 by Florence Rapoport and Cablevision.

Processing Information:

Processed: October 1994, August 1997
By: Katherine Herrlich

Access Restrictions:

Access. Collection is open for research. An appointment is necessary to use any audiovisual material.

Conditions Governing Use:

Copyright. Copyright in the Focus on Women videotapes held by is held by Florence Rapoport. Upon her death, copyright transfers to the President and Fellows of Harvard College for the Schlesinger Library or whomever]. Copyright in other papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns.
Copying. Videotapes may be copied in accordance with the library's usual procedures.

Preferred Citation:

Focus on Women. Videotape Collection, 1983-1996; item description, dates. Vt-59, show #. Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

Related Material:

There is related material at the Schlesinger Library; see Focus on Women Additional videotapes, 1996-1999 (Vt-174.).


"Focus on Women," a television program featuring women of achievement, was initiated by Florence Rapoport in 1983 and produced by Long Island Cablevision.
Each show consists of a half-hour interview by Rapoport. Prevalent among the women interviewed are writers, psychologists, artists, teachers, scholars, social activists, entrepreneurs, politicians, and health professionals. "Focus on Women" is directed by Shari Schultz, with assistance from Gayle Chokas.
Rapoport, who lives in Great Neck on Long Island, New York, was formerly a screen- and speechwriter, an economic analyst for the federal government, and for more than twenty years a schoolteacher. In 1978 she co-founded WOMANSPACE, a center created to serve the educational, psychological, and social needs of women in the Great Neck area.


The collection consists of 438 individual shows, with two shows on each videotape. Dates for most shows were not included in the list provided by the donor, but appear on the screen at the end of each tape; the order in which they are listed is roughly chronological, spanning the years 1983-1996. Some of the interviewees appeared more than once, sometimes after months or years.
Each show consists of a 29-minute interview, unless otherwise indicated. There are two shows on each videotape; all videotapes are 3/4", with sound and color. Descriptions and show numbers were taken, with minor modifications, from a list provided by the donor.

Name Index

This is an index of all interviewees. Each name is followed by the number of the show(s) to which it corresponds. Names of people who are discussed but do not appear in person are listed in the Subject Index.

Subject Index

The following list represents persons, organizations, and topics documented in this collection. (For interviewees, see the Name Index above.) Each subject is followed by the number of the show to which it corresponds. Subject headings that apply to all or most of the shows, such as "Women in the professions," "Women--Employment," and "Women--Social conditions," are not included in this index.

Container List

Additional Index Terms

Abused women--United States
Actors--United States
Actresses--United States
African American women
AIDS (Disease)--United States
Artists--United States
Arts administrators--United States
Athletes--United States
Authors, American
Authors, Greek (Modern)
Body image
Breast--Cancer--United States
Businesswomen--United States
Cerebral palsied--United States
Civic leaders--United States
College presidents--United States
Consultants--United States
Cooks--United States
Dancers--United States
Deans of women
Designers--United States
Diplomats' spouses
Divorce--United States
Editors--United States
Educators--United States
Entertainers--United States
Executives--United States
Families--United States
Fashion--United States
Feminism--United States
Gifted girls--New York (State)--Long Island
Goddess religion
Healers--United States
Health reformers--United States
Health services administrators
Historians--United States
Holocaust survivors--United States
Horsemen and horsewomen--United States
Industrial designers--United States
Intercultural communication--United States
Jewish women--United States
Journalists--United States
Judges--United States
Lawyers--United States
Legislators--United States
Marriage--United States
Mothers--United States
Mothers and daughters--United States
Motion picture producers and directors--United States
Musicians--United States
National Abortion Rights Action League
New York (N.Y.)--Officials and employees
Nurses--United States
Oglala women--United States
Older people--United States
Outdoor recreation for women--United States
People with disabilities--United States
Persian Gulf War, 1991--Art and the war
Photographers--United States
Physicians--United States
Poets, American
Policewomen--United States
Political activists--United States
Psychiatrists--United States
Psychics--United States
Psychologists--United States
Psychotherapists--United States
Publishers and publishing--United States
Scientists--United States
Sexism--United States
Singers--United States
Social scientists--United States.
Social workers--United States
Sociologists--United States
Spiritual life
Television producers and directors--United States
United States--Armed Forces--Women
Vocational guidance--United States
Voluntary health agencies--United States
Volunteer workers in social service--United States
War victims, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Weddings--United States
Women and peace--United States
Women and religion--United States
Women and the military--United States
Women art collectors
Women artists--United States
Women athletes--United States
Women authors, American
Women authors, Greek
Women bankers
Women college presidents--United States
Women consultants--United States
Women cooks--United States
Women--Crimes against
Women designers--United States
Women diplomats--Egypt
Women editors--United States
Women--Education (Higher)--United States
Women educators
Women educators--United States
Women--Employment--United States
Women entertainers--United States
Women executives--United States
Women government executives--United States
Women healers--United States
Women--Health and hygiene--Australia
Women--Health and hygiene--United States
Women historians--United States
Women in community organization--United States
Women in the food industry--United States
Women in the professions
Women in the professions--United States
Women in public life--United States
Women--Intellectual life
Women journalists--United States
Women judges--United States
Women lawyers--United States
Women--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States
Women legislators--United States
Women--Mental health--United States
Women motion picture producers and directors--United States
Women musicians--United States
Women-owned business enterprises--United States
Women photographers--United States
Women physicians--United States
Women physicians
Women poets, American
Women political activists--United States
Women--Political activity--Soviet Union
Women--Political activity--United States
Women psychiatrists--United States
Women psychologists--United States
Women psychotherapists--United States
Women publishers--United States
Women scientists--United States
Women--Sexual behavior
Women singers--United States
Women--Social conditions
Women social scientists--United States
Women social workers--United States
Women--South Africa
Women television producers and directors--United States
Women--United States--Social conditions
Women--Vocational guidance--United States
Women volunteers in social service--United States
Women's studies--United States.
Abbott, Shirley, interviewee
Alstadter, Judith, interviewee
Asher, Karen, interviewee
Bair, Deirdre, interviewee
Balaban, Barbara, 1929- interviewee
Banks, Doreen, interviewee
Barouh, Gail, interviewee
Barstow, Anne Llewellyn, interviewee
Beauvoir, Simone de, 1908-1986
Becker, Jacqueline, interviewee
Bellush, Jewel, 1924- interviewee
Ben-Yosef Ginor, Tseviyah, 1942- interviewee
Berghout, Carla, interviewee
Biaggi, Cristina, interviewee
Biederman, Johanna, interviewee
Billops, Camille, interviewee
Birsel, Ayse, interviewee
Bjornebye, Ellen, interviewee
Blanchard, Paula, interviewee
Bletter, Diana, interviewee
Bloom, Amy, interviewee
Bogin, Magda, interviewee
Bongers, Sally, interviewee
Brock, Carol, interviewee
Brooks, Carol Alvater, interviewee
Brown, Crystal, interviewee
Budoff, Penny Wise, interviewee
Bumiller, Elisabeth, interviewee
Burns, Janice A., interviewee
Burstein, Karen S., interviewee
Cabot, Sandra, 1952- interviewee
Carlisle, Kitty, 1910-2007 interviewee
Cates, Aylin Radomisli, interviewee
Carton, Ellen, interviewee
Cohen, Audrey C., interviewee
Cook, Blanche Wiesen, interviewee
Cort-Van Arsdale, Diana, interviewee
Coyle, Beverly, interviewee
Crawford, Christina, 1939- interviewee
Crawford, Joan, 1908-1977
Crile, Susan, 1942- interviewee
Cross, Amanda, 1926-2003, interviewee
Cuomo, Mario M., 1932-2015
Cuomo, Matilda, interviewee
Dailey, Janet, interviewee
Dolgin, Ellie, interviewee
Doremus, Jeanne, interviewee
Ehrenreich, Barbara, interviewee
Ellerin, Betty, interviewee
Elomaa, Ritva-Liisa, interviewee
Ferraro, Geraldine, interviewee
Fleshler, Helen, interviewee
Flomenhaft, Eleanor, interviewee
Fluek, Toby Knobel, interviewee
Formanek, Ruth, interviewee
Foyder, Joan Ellen, interviewee
French, Marilyn, 1929-2009, interviewee
Furth, Valerie Jakober, 1926-2011, interviewee
Gilbert, Mira, interviewee
Gilbert, Julie Goldsmith, interviewee
Gilliam, Angela, 1936- interviewee
Gilyard, Gwen, interviewee
Gold, Rozanne, 1954- interviewee
Gornick, Vivian, interviewee
Gottlieb, Alma, interviewee
Greenberg, Selma Betty, interviewee
Grey, Al, interviewee
Grinker, Lori, interviewee
Gross, Amy, interviewee
Grossman, Florence, interviewee
Gotti, Victoria, interviewee
Graf, Jeannette, interviewee
Grumbach, Doris, interviewee
Gundlach, Julie Kettle, interviewee
Grunwald, Biruta, interviewee
Harris, Elaine K., interviewee
Harris, Joan, interviewee
Harrison, Helen A., interviewee
Hart, Mallory Dorn, interviewee
Hayden, Naura, interviewee
Heilbrun, Carolyn G., 1926-2003 interviewee
Hein, Karen, interviewee
Henry, Sondra, interviewee
Hensel, Margaret, interviewee
Hickey-Hume, Eileen, interviewee
Hobson, Barbara Meil, interviewee
Hofstein, Sadie, interviewee
Holtzman, Elizabeth, interviewee
Horowitz, Susan, interviewee
Hughes, Jane, interviewee
Hurwitz, Johanna, interviewee
Huste, Annemarie, interviewee
Kasof, Anna, interviewee
Katz, Jane, interviewee
Kenigsberg, Abby, interviewee
Kenny, Shirley Strum, interviewee
Kershaw, Norma, interviewee
Kingston, Maxine Hong, interviewee
Koff, Gail J., interviewee
Kohl, Susan Isaacs, interviewee
Kominsky, Jane, interviewee
Kramer, Sylvia, interviewee
Krim, Mathilde, interviewee
Kuznetsova, Berta, interviewee
Lang, Barbara, interviewee
Lalli, Cele, interviewee
Lawrence, Marcia, interviewee
Lazar, Liliane, interviewee
Leaf, Ruth, interviewee
Leeds, Dorothy, interviewee
Leibowitz, Shawn, interviewee
Lelchuk, Joni, interviewee
Lew, Irvina Siegel, interviewee
Lewin, Susan Grant, interviewee
Lewis, Lisa, interviewee
Lieber, Phyllis, interviewee
Lim, Ok-Ja, interviewee
Lipton, Eunice, interviewee
Liss-Levinson, Nechama, interviewee
Litwack, Georgia, interviewee
Lochmandy, Paula, interviewee
Mackirney, Marian, interviewee
Malbin, Elaine, interviewee
Mamonova, Tatyana
Mayer, Jessica, interviewee
McCallum, Taffy Gould, interviewee
McCarthy, Carolyn, interviewee
McDermott, Alice, interviewee
McFadden, Mary, interviewee
McGehee, Sharon, interviewee
McMillon, Doris, interviewee
Meiji, Emperor of Japan, 1852-1912
Meyland, Sarah, interviewee
Millett, Kate, interviewee
Morgan, Robin, interviewee
Morse, JoAnn, interviewee
Murphy, Gloria S., interviewee
Nakamura, Kaoru, interviewee
Nemerowicz, Gloria Morris, interviewee
Newburger, May W., interviewee
Newman, Phyllis, interviewee
Newton, Dolores, interviewee
Olds, Sally Wendkos, interviewee
Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy, 1929-1994
Orna, Mary Virginia, interviewee
Papanicolaou, Lilika S., 1923- interviewee
Penn, Sheila, interviewee
Perutz, Kathrin, interviewee
Peters, Roberta, interviewee
Petrovsky, Mira, interviewee
Pogrebin, Letty Cottin, interviewee
Pollitt, Katha, interviewee
Prakashmani, Dadi, interviewee
Puhn, Laurie, interviewee
Quindlen, Anna, interviewee
Rahmani, Judith, interviewee
Ramage, Nancy H., 1942- interviewee
Rapoport, Florence, interviewer
Rathbone, Basil, 1892-1967
Redgrave, Lynn, 1943- interviewee
Reichman, Rosalie, interviewee
Rice, Paula Delong, interviewee
Robbins, Joan Hamerman, interviewee
Rocca, Ella, interviewee
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962
Rosenberg, Saralee H., interviewee
Russell, Stella Pandell, interviewee
Sanders, Jo Shuchat, interviewee
Scanlon, Frances, interviewee
Schneider, Susan Weidman, interviewee
Schwartz, Constance, interviewee
Schwartz, Daylle Deanna, interviewee
Schweber, Ellen, interviewee
Segal, Jeanne, 1939- interviewee
Shakeshaft, Charol, interviewee
Shih, Patricia, interviewee
Shinnah, Oh, interviewee
Shumsky, Adaia, interviewee
Sidon, Weslea, interviewee
Siegel, Mary-Ellen, interviewee
Silverman, D. J. (David J.), interviewee
Spanier, Muriel, interviewee
Spear, Ruth A., interviewee
Steinem, Gloria, interviewee
Studley, Helen, interviewee
Sunshine, Tina, interviewee
Swerdlow, Amy, interviewee
Swirsky, Joan, interviewee
Sylva, Livia, interviewee
Taitz, Emily, interviewee
Thomas, Barbara S., 1946- interviewee
Trump, Ivana, interviewee
Underhill, Lois Beachy, 1935- interviewee
Van Hasselt, Gill, interviewee
Vines, Harriet Mason, interviewee
Vogel, Muriel R., interviewee
Volk, Patricia, interviewee
Volokh, Anne, interviewee
Von Arbin, Gunilla, interviewee
Wallace, Trudy, interviewee
Ward, E. Jean, interviewee
Weiss, Cora, 1934- interviewee
Wesman, Jane, interviewee
Wheelock, Martha, interviewee
Wing, Avra, interviewee
Wolf, Diane, interviewee
Wolf, Jacqueline, interviewee
Wolitzer, Hilma, interviewee
Women Strike for Peace
Yalow, Rosalyn S., interviewee
Zarin, Renée, interviewee
Zaki, Soheir, interviewee
Zand, Charlotte, interviewee
Zinn, Louisiana, interviewee